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// Origin and history:

The origin of this fruit is Mexico, where it was cultivated about 1500 b.C. Avocados were also discovered at places such as Peru. Spanish people brought the seeds of this fruit and they called it “Island Pears”. The most popular avocados´crops in Spain are located in Andalusia and the Canary islands.

The name of the fruit comes from the Aztec word “ahuacatl”, which means tree testicles. The greatest avocado plantation took place in America during the 20´s, so they started trading it from South America to Europe.

// Tree:

Actually avocados´ trees can measure 20 meters high, however, for cultivation trees are not supposed to measure more than 6 or 7 meters because of phytosanitary control practices (for prevention and cure of deceases), harvest, pruning and foliar fertilization.

It has a thick trunk and elongated leaves. It has ramifications leading to dense foliage with dark green leaves. This tree is evergreen so it can be cultivated all the year around.

// Calories:

People often ask about if avocados help to gain or lose weight. Both statements are true because, on the one hand, it contains vegetable oils and a high quantity of omega 3 and on the other hand it just contains 160 calories per 100 grams, half calories of fruits such as coconut.


Avocados are oval-shaped fruits that measure between 10 and 15 cm long and 10 cm wide. It´s skin is dark green-coloured and it can be smooth or rough. It also has a pipe inside and it´s pulp looks between yellow and light green.


Avocados can be consumed all year around.


It can be consumed if you can feel the pipe moving or if yields when you touch it.

// Tipes:

The most popular types are:

Hass: Hass: when it is ripe it skin looks dark green-coloured. It tastes between walnut and hazelnut with a creamy texture and a medium o small pipe. We can find it all year around. It is product of a graft developed by Rudolph Hass.

Fuerte:Fuerte: it has a thick skin and it does not looks darker when rape. It is rough outside and we can found some yellow spots on its skin. It has the shape of a pear, it is really tasty and creamy.

Criollo:Criollo: it has a thin and smooth skin and a big pipe inside. It has a dark skin and it is yellow-coloured inside. It is characterized for being cold resistant.

// Benefits:

Avocados are part of the Mediterranean diet and it also has a high omega 3 content, helping to reduce cholesterol, stress, controlling blood preassure, protecting from cancer, avoiding malformations during pregnancy, cleaning the intestines and taking care of the skin.

The high content of magnesium and potasium help to the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems.

It also contains A, C and D vitamins and fibers that can avoid constipation and regulate the quantity of sugar in blood.