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// Origin and history:

Mangoes are original from India, where they found rests of this fruit 4000 years ago. Nowdays, in India, they are still growing jungles of mangoes for export.

During the XVIII century, mangoes were introduced to Madeira and the Canary Islands and then Portuguese brought this fruit to Brazil and Philippines. This fruit was introduced to the Iberian Peninsula during the XX century.

// Tree:

This tree can measure from 25 to 30 metres high. It is evergreen and it´s roots can measure 6 metres deep and 10 metres wide.

The trunk of the tree measures a metre of diametre and when the tree is ripe it changes from violet to dark green.

This trees can produce about 200 fruits per tree and they can weigh from 150 grams to 2 kilos.

// Calories:

This is a fruit with few calories, it just contains 61 per 100 grams. Ideal for diets.


It is fleshy and oval-shaped. It´s skin is smooth and thick and its colour is a mix between green, yellow, pink, red and purple. Its pulp is deep yellow-coloured, almost orange. It has a fiber pipe.


The perfect season to taste mangoes is from august to november or december in Spain.


This fruit should not be kept in the fridge because it is not cold resistant. You just should keep it in the fridge for a moment if you want to cool it down.

// Types:

Like all the fruits that its varieties contain, this will not be less, it contains 4 main types:

Manila: it is sweet and it has a fiber-free texture. It´s pulp it´s yellow and delicate. Ideal for desserts or sour cocktails.

Ataulfo: it is soft and creamy and it´s pulp is firm and yellow. It has a small and oval shape. They are also used for the elaboration of a type of chilli.

Kent: it´s pulp is delicate but also firm. Ideal for salads because of it´s sweet flavour. It is juicy and bigger than the others.

Haden: it´s skin is bright red, green and yellow. It is smaller than Kent and sweet-flavoured.

// Benefits:

Mangoes help on the dygestive process thanks to the enzymes that it contains. It also has a high content of antioxidants that prevent somo illnesses.

They contain vitamin C, which help in the process of iron absorption and vitamin K, which help to absorve calcium in bones, avoiding osteoporosis.

Eating green mangoes increases the secretion of bile acids and cleans the intestines of some bacteria.